Fundacja "Wiedeńczyk" An-2

An NGO, a vintage aircraft and a great story

Our NGO "Fundacja Wiedeńczyk An-2" takes care of a historical An-2 aircraft which was used by 3 military pilots and their families to escape to the other side of the Iron Courtain. The escape took place during martial law period in Poland, on Fool's Day – 1st April 1982. 12 people, including women and children landed safely in Vienna International Airport in Schwechat a few hours after the takeoff from a meadow in the vicinity of Krakow. After that those on board applied for asylum as political refugees and the airplane was returned to Poland. Nicknamed "the Viennese", the An-2 continued its service as a light military transport aircraft used for freight and airlifting paratroops and later as a target tug for combat helicopters.

In 2007 "the Viennese" was painted in a custom paint scheme. The aircraft was made to resemble the Wawel Dragon, a legendary symbol of the city of Krakow where "the Viennese" was based and the mascot of the transport unit it flew with. The aircraft gradually became a popular feature of various airshows nationwide.

In 2012 "the Viennese" was retired from the army and presented to the Polish Aviation Museum in Cracow. The last crew of the airplane decided to take care of it and keep it flying instead of leaving it standing as a museum exhibit.

We appeal to all aviation enthusiasts, history and military geeks and all people willing to help "the Viennese": if you want this piece of aviation history to keep flying, please consider making a donation or purchasing the 2016 calendar with "the Viennese".

Samolot An-2 "Wiedeńczyk" jest latającym eksponatem Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego w Krakowie
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